Orange County Senior Portraits

It is your senior year and you have big things ahead! You have made it all the way from the bottom. You started off as a freshman dreading or looking forward to the next four years of your life in college or starting your new life after college. Now that you have made it, you just want it to be over! But once it is over, you just want to go back! I was a high school and college senior at one point in my life as well at Corona High just on the border of Orange County and Cal State Fullerton for college.

For high school seniors, one of the best things to kick off your new school year right is to get some senior portraits done for your upcoming year to commemorate what the last 12 years of schooling have meant for your life. It is a big year. Many will be off to colleges in Orange County or out of state and some will take a more entrepreneurial approach like my husband. Either way, you will want to look back at your time of high school with bliss and share it with as many people as you can. After all, don’t you want to remember the last year you went to school and how you looked for your senior portrait pictures? It had me sold, and lets face it, us ladies love to be in front of the camera!

High School Senior Pictures

Let’s get to the details:

I offer great packages for senior portraits in Orange County, California. You will get a 1-2 hour photo session at the location of your choice. With my first package comes the session plus 100-150 edited images delivered online so you can download them and reupload them to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The second package is just like the first BUT it also comes with prints, which, if your parents are paying for your session [as they should :)] you will undoubtedly need some prints for your Orange County senior portraits.

The senior sessions are usually a lot of fun and we just get to relax and enjoy ourselves. Be posed. Be epic. Be cute. Be charming. Be silly. I’ll help you with posing, but feel free to give your input so we can do the types of shots you want as well. I want you to love your pictures so don’t be afraid to speak up and let me know what kind of posing you want for your senior portrait session! Soon enough, you will be out of high school and into college, so buckle down, but also make the most of it. Make memories where ever you can. It goes by quick and soon enough you will be me, 10 years out of high school and wondering where the time went. It goes by fast, so have fun, slow down, and make the most of it!

Senior Portraits for College

From one step to the next. College is your introduction into the great beyond. Your first taste of independence in an environment that can be pleasant or daunting. Getting through high school often times can be a breeze, but getting through your university while having to pay rent, work a job, study, and attempt a social life can be challenging. It’s a huge milestone in someone’s life and I always say it is so important to put things into a format you can actually cherish. That’s why I decided to start offering college portraits for graduates.

If you want senior portraits in Orange County, California for school, call me at (951) 768-9767 or email me. I would love to talk to you and get to know you! Be sure to visit the senior gallery below or visit the link. Return to Homepage