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There aren’t many places in the United States that are more suited for weddings than the sunshine state of California for San Diego wedding photographers. With ideal year around weather, weddings are but one of many of the things going on in the cool winter months that lend themselves to photography. As a result, Southern California has a reputation for being a perfect location for photographers, especially wedding photographers to visit and perfect their crafts. With a dense population of at least 23 million, there’s plenty of opportunities for wedding photographers to be successful.

My top Wedding Portrait Locations Near San Diego

  • Fallbrook (Deluz Road)
  • Scripps Pier La Jolla
  • Salk Inst. La Jolla
  • Seaport Village
  • Balboa Park
  • Centenial Park Coronado
  • Santa Fe Train Station

Best Wedding Venues in San Diego area

  • Ponte Family Estate
  • Condor’s Nest Ranch
  • Vitagliano Vineyards
  • Marine Room
  • Pala Mesa Resort
  • Los Willows
  • Crossings at Carlsbad
  • La Valencia Hotel
  • Twin Oaks House and Gardens
  • Loews Coronado Bay Resort

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Southern California is by and far one of the most incredible places that a wedding photographer can flourish. There’s plenty of opportunity with beautiful beaches, forests full of adventure and other great areas to enjoy. Both the culture as well as the climate lend themselves well to the industry and California has grown exponentially over the last ten years. Of course, the growing industry presents a predicament for couples getting married and in search of a wedding photographer. How then do they find the right photographer with so many to choose from? With the wedding industry so huge, and San Diego a hot spot this may present many challenges. Unfortunately, not everyone is as professional as they may seem. A bride and groom must protect themselves from a photographer who is nothing more than someone who has a nice Canon or Nikon camera. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with so much planning.

Camarie Photography

Camarie Photography has long been established as a premier source for wedding photography for those who reside in the San Diego area. While we handle more than 40 weddings annually, our consistency doesn’t take second place to paying attention to detail and providing the best photography services to our clients. Our clients love the calm, cool collected experience that our wedding photographers offer. They rely upon our confidence and ability at Camarie Photography and this means that they can relax and enjoy their special day. The only way to become successful as a wedding photography service is to offer clients the best, and that is the reputation we have. Our clients recommend our service to their associates, friends and family members. Of course, we are helped along by the fantastic location of which we are able to work. Southern California is the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful wedding photographs around. For example, the beauty of California gives our photos great lighting, and good lighting is one of the premier factors needed for excellent wedding photography. Sure you can be a good wedding photographer, but if the conditions are not met, the photos do not get to shine. We know that the San Diego is the perfect place for us to do our best work for wedding photos. Of course, we not only rely on natural and beautiful light but also candid poses, smiles, and romance are part of our signature looks. At Camarie Photography, we believe in a combination of technical and natural poses, and our style helps to create those cherished wedding photographs.

Our wedding photography style gives our brides and grooms plenty of time to just be themselves, we’ll take those shots. Our pictures turn out impressive with attention to detail and post production processes. All professional wedding photographers worth hiring should suggest that natural lighting is the way to go, but of course, sometimes the situation might call for artificial lighting. We can handle that, too. All of our equipment is high tech and we have the necessary experience to navigate any situation that may arise during your special day. We make it our goal to always give you the best images no matter how the day may go.

Selecting A Great Photographer

We’ve established that there are a ton of wedding photographers to choose from when you’re planning San Diego wedding ceremony. Simple and Plain Photographers are a dime a dozen and you’ll want to ensure that you make your selection carefully. Wedding photography is not an extra. It’s considered a necessity. Therefore, it is even more important to find a wedding photographer who fits one’s needs 100 percent of the time. Choosing the right wedding photographer should be a serious consideration. So how do you go about doing it? Read my simple tips that will help you to choose the right photographer. Ask them their perspective for your wedding.

There Is Nothing More Important Than The Wedding Experience

Planning a wedding can stress anyone out. Of course you are aware of that fact. Photographers aren’t exempt, as they must also plan and prepare, and without the necessary experience, they can make mistakes. Many times Camarie Photography is approached by a photographer asking them to help with a wedding since they’ve never done it before. They want our help because we know what to do and how to do it and we can show them the best angles and shots and the highest tech equipment as well as how to deal with unruly wedding guests, bad weather and other issues. One of the best ways to gain a better understanding of the process is to read the mistakes beginning wedding photographers make.

Ideally, you may have an interest in a variety of wedding photographers. However, make sure they are experienced. An inexperienced wedding photographer can prove to be disastrous for your wedding. Wedding photos are not temporary. They become a permanent part of your life. Therefore, be sure to book someone who is experienced. As a result, you’ll feel better about the process, and you won’t be stressed. Instead of going with one who doesn’t have experience and finding out they reached out to someone with experience, book the photographer who has experience in the first place. You’ll feel better knowing that your images will be ideal. If you’re not that familiar with what your photographer should be doing on your wedding day, you need to learn about what to expect.

Connect With A Wedding Photographer

Unless you’re a model, or you’re very confident in who you are, you may find that you’re slightly uneasy in front of the wedding camera. Making that connection with your wedding photographer really helps make the situation easier. The way you feel about your photographer, believe it or not, is conveyed in the photo results. Photos don’t lie.

Be sure to set up your meeting over coffee or drop by the studio today to get to know your wedding photographers in person. This is an ideal way to personalize your wedding. This is the most intimate and the most heartfelt of occasions. Also, once you connect, your real personality will shine through clearly in your photos.

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