Engagement Photographer Orange County

Hiring an Orange County engagement photographer is quickly becoming an essential as a prelude to a bride and grooms wedding day. They are fun and give the bride and groom a chance to announce themselves to the world and find creative ways to use the pictures for the big day. Your engagement is really one of the most wonderful times of your life with so many unique things happening that really will only be once in a lifetime. So much is happening which is why this season is also one of the more frantic your life will encounter. Engagement photos will give you the opportunity to have celebrated pictures to share together and with others, as you invite them to be a part of this special season in your lives. The process for engagement photos is actually pretty simple. With me, you will find that I bring a more relaxed environment that allows you to just be yourselves. That is when the pictures will come out the best! Don’t be afraid though, I know how it is to be in front of the camera. I will give you direction with posing and creating the moments that display beautifully when captured!
For those finding a good engagement photographer in Orange County, it would be helpful to begin discovering your preferred style of photography. This will go a long way in making sure you work with a photographer who is talented in the style you like and is also someone you feel comfortable with behind the shutter.

Fun Engagement Themes:

There are SO many themes you can choose for your engagement session. Some want just casual clothing and sometimes others want to go along with a theme or a role. Here some ideas to get you started on deciding what kind of theme would best suit your engagement. I’ve also compiled a list great locations in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire.


Top Orange County Engagement Locations

My favorite spots for engagement pictures can easily be summed up below. Any engagement photographer in the OC would love to photograph there or already agree with me. Every single one of these locations offers different scenery which is great because Orange County, California is home to some of the most diverse people you will ever meet. We are a melting pot of different cultures, tastes, and fancies! The top picks out of this pack are Laguna Beach, Santiago Regional Park, Quail Hill, and the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. Quite a few engagements are done here throughout the year and the pictures are always one of a kind. Remember, it is your moment. Your’e engaged! Make sure the location you want for your engagement photos is a place special to you in the OC.

There’s a plethora of places to choose from. Start with this list and see if you like any of the locations you see here. Orange County is a beautiful place and the list of locations is seemingly never ending! Ask your photographer for suggestions about good engagement spots if you are stuck.

How to Prepare For Your E Session

1.) Make sure you are in a good mood! The first tip is a bit cheesy but the idea of being in a good mood prior to the shoot is a very solid one. Whether you believe it or not your emotions transfer in the images and it will be lacking that certain je ne sais quoi. Don’t do that to yourself. Watch the Notebook or Say Yes to the Dress. Guys watch football or Baywatch.
2.) Tidy up your face. Ladies, pluck the brows. Guys comb the mop. Just get dolled up or cleaned up. You will feel good looking and the confidence almost always shows in your images.
3.) Coordinate good colors and pick good looking clothes. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just wear something that works well with one another. Consult a color chart to see what it is that compliments each other. Neutral colors like blue, red, gray, white, etc. look great. If you really want to go all out, just wear something similar to your wedding colors.
4.) Try to go for a season where there is optimal lighting for your photographer. This will give your photographer a much better playing field to work with. Having good light is equivalent to an athlete having a good field. They can be the best player in the world, but the conditions might limit their talent. Same goes for photography. It’s all about the lighting.
5.) Pick a place that is naturally beautiful. Give a little effort into your search. I’ve recommended some great engagement photography locations here in this post and if you ask I can give you even more that are outside of Orange County.
6.) Bring pets or props. They make for good pictures and details. Your photographer will likely have a few good props to use, but don’t hesitate to bring something that you is unique to you or that you would just LOVE to use during your engagement session.


Cost of Orange County Engagement Photographers

The majority of professional wedding photographers will provide you with an engagement session integrated inside the wedding bundle, which would (generally) offer you a discount on your own E-session or give it to you for free. Engagement photography is also provided as a separate service and typically falls under a portrait or “lifestyle” package. There are a great deal of photographers in Orange County that offer engagement photography but not necessarily at the most affordable price. You are looking at spending anywhere between $200-$1000 for good images. Find someone who will work within your budget. There are a plenty of options out there who fit your style and your price. Another huge benefit to having engagement pictures done is that it gives you the chance to work with and acquaint yourself with them in their work environment. It always helps to build a relationship because it makes the wedding day comfort level extremely high with your photographer. That’s when it counts!

To re-emphasize, a part from having the ability to evaluate your own photographer’s abilities, you will be able to see first hand if their style and also individuality are a good match for what you are looking for in your photography endeavors. Lifestyle photography can be an expensive purchase if made without the right considerations and insight. Choosing your photographer and one within budget is without a doubt the most important first step in ensuring a great experience for your session.


What You Should Get From Your Session

In Orange County, photographers really are a dime a dozen. You have the high priced that offer you little and the low priced that offer you almost too much. It is always best to go with the middle ground… well priced, high quality, and enough pictures to satisfy. Typically, photographers in Orange County can be separated into two different groups; the traditional and the shoot and burn. With a traditional business model in photography, you are likely to have a session fee with an option to buy prints at the end. This is a double whammy for the photographer because they get to charge you for their time and also for the prints (which they own and have rights to). However, that does not mean they are ripping you off necessarily. This type of model is often the case with photographers who exclusively shoot film and not digital. This pricing model works and makes sense for those photographers who shoot film (which is beautiful by the way).
On the other side of the spectrum, and an ever growing approach to photography businesses, is the shoot and burn. This format basically entails that the photographer will photograph the session, edit the images, and send you a fixed amount of digital images that was agreed on before the session. They do this all for a fixed amount. Shop around for what you want. Do you want a couple of prints? Or would you like a couple hundred shots from your engagement session. All photographers are different and there are just so many options. Don’t settle!

If you would like to book Camarie as your Orange County engagement photographer, feel free to contact at any time! From LA, then visit my tips from a Los Angeles engagement photographer!
By Camarie McBride