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Ashley + Jay are Happily Engaged!


Ashley & Jay are such a cute couple, and I had so much fun photographing them! They were so relaxed and very easy to work with. I got a little giddy when they agreed to sit in a tree for a few photos. The results were simply amazing! Thank you Ashley and Jay for being […]

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Welcome Baby Ryder!


I have never blogged a maternity session, but this one was just too adorable not to! Brandon and I couldn’t be happier for Tom and Danielle and their soon to be newest addition (due to arrive October 5th). I can’t wait to meet Ryder Maxwell and give him tons of hugs!    LIFE. LOVE. FAMILY 

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Sara & Tayler’s Serendipity Gardens Weddings


After having a very hectic week, Sara and Tayler’s Serendipity Gardens wedding was a breath of fresh air! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and the day was just so relaxed. I have the Serendipity Gardens team to thank for that, as they truly helped everything run so smoothly and in a timely manner. […]

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Melba & Brian’s 10 year vow renewal


I love couples who are not afraid to be daring! Several months back, Melba and I discussed the idea of a trash the dress session after she and her hubby renewed their vows. When it actually came to fruition, the results were unbelievable! Not only did we have a blast with the session, but Melba […]

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Camarie Photography in Orange County

Camarie Photography has been established as one of the premier sources for wedding photography in the Orange County area. We book over 40 weddings per year and pay close attention to our client’s taste and personality. Our clients appreciate the calm, cool, and collected experience they have with our wedding photographers in Orange County. They always feel confident in Camarie Photography which allows them to relax and enjoy the experience during their wedding. The experience and quality we give our clients is one of the main reasons for our success as wedding photographers.

Our photography style is really brought to life by the optimal weather conditions provided by the region which helps us provide impeccable, well set up pictures. Giving a great photographer great lighting is like giving a great athlete pristine playing conditions. Their talent is always there, but the conditions play a part in how great their performance will be on the day. This is one of the many reasons why the OC is such a popular spot for wedding photos and venues also thrive. Our style consists of using natural light mixed with candid smiles and romantic and cute posing styles. During your posing we strike a balance between natural posing and technical posing which results in our style of image at Camarie Photography.

This wedding photography style allows our brides and grooms to truly be themselves during their wedding. The pictures always turn out to impress with our attention to detail and post production processing. We prefer natural light, as should any wedding photography studio (in our opinion), but Camarie Photography is skilled with any kind of lighting situation. We have the equipment and experience necessary to navigate the waters of a the day; from getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception; we have it all covered in Orange County. Our goal is to always provide top class images no matter the circumstances of the day.

Choosing A Good Photographer

When talking about Orange County wedding photographers there’s no shortage in the industry. Plain and simple. Photographers who shoot weddings are a dime a dozen and choosing the right one is key to making sure your wedding is memorable. They are one of the absolute necessities for your wedding and you want to be sure you’re getting the quality you deserve. So, how should you go about choosing the one you can have confidence in and who has a style you adore? Well, first, read my tips that are helpful when choosing someone for your big day. While you’re at it, get a photographers perspective on planning on your wedding.

Wedding Experience is important

Weddings are stressful. Everyone knows that. For someone without experience, things may fall apart. We have often been approached by fellow wedding photographers in the Orange County area who are growing in the industry and have yet to photograph their first wedding. They request we assist them because we have the experience and are able to adapt to the changes in schedule, equipment malfunctions, unruly guests, poor weather conditions (typically winter if any), fires (true story), etc. Read mistakes beginner photographers make during weddings to gain a better understanding

You may love a few different photographers and their talent, but be sure they have some wedding experience before booking them. Nerves and inexperience are two things that can really hamper your wedding photographer. You have a large pool to choose from. Before booking someone without experience, book someone who does. You will feel much more relaxed about the quality of images and the overall day. For info visit to learn more about what is expected of your photographer.

Connect With Your Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it, unless you’re a model or extremely confident in yourself, you can be a little uneasy in front of the camera. Connecting with your wedding photographer is one of the MOST beneficial things you can do for your wedding. If you feel comfortable, relaxed, and almost as if you are friends with your photographer, then it will play out in your photos.

Schedule a meeting over coffee or drop by their studio to meet and get to know them as a person. This is one of the most personal hirings you will ever have in your life. It is your most intimate and heartfelt of occasions. Furthermore, if you connect well, they will be able to bring out the genuine you. The wedding pictures you really want of yourselves are the ones that make you look good of course. BUT the ones that capture the moment and who reflect who you really are as people are very special.

Also, try to book an engagement session with them to get an idea of how they work with you. It plays into the experience and your overall satisfaction. You don’t want a tyrant as a photographer (believe me they exist) and you don’t want someone who lacks initiative or confidence. This will give you a little insight into your photographer’s abilities and personality on the job. I highly recommend doing an E-session with your photographer! Worst case scenario, you end up with some super cute engagement photos like my good friends UP themed engagement session!

Wedding Photography Average Cost

Depending on your budget, wedding photography in Orange County can be right on par with what you want to spend or entirely over the top of what you want to spend. It comes down to how much you really value the photographs you will have on the day. Most photographers price fairly according to their experience and ability. For Orange County wedding photographers you will likely see the middle of the road at about $2,000-$3,000 with the higher end typically starting out at around $5,000-$10,000.

The rule of the thumb for planning your wedding is that your wedding photographer will be at about 12% of your overall budget if your crunching numbers well. As a photographer that shoots weddings, I cannot stress enough about how important the images will be when all is said and done. You will have the memories and the pictures, and that’s it! Stay within your budget, but be willing to step out a little bit more for wedding photography.

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